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  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 4 in
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Work Age Range: 40 - 50
  • Physique: Average
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Type/Length: Long Natural Curly
  • Eyes: Green
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Special Skills

  • Performance Skills: Juggling, Voice-Over
  • Spoken Languages: Fluent English, Basic French, Basic Italian
  • Musical Instruments: Electric and Bass Guitar

Production, Acting & Writing Credits

The Price of Honor - Credit: Executive Producer
Bad Ass Bitches M.C. - Credit: Writer
Starman - Credit: Actress-Extra
A Blood Story - Credit: Associate Producer
Demonica - Credit: Producer
Project Homophobia - Credit: Special Thanks
Disclosure - Credit: Special Thanks
A Cry From Within - Credit: Special Thanks
Flowers In December - Credit: Special Thanks
IONQD - Credit: Executive Producer
Everything is Falling - Credit: Associate Producer
NOTLD- Genesis - Credit: Producer
Sunrise Tonight - Credit: Associate Producer
Anxiety - Credit: Associate Producer
Shayna - Credit: Associate Producer
Lean - Credit: Executive Producer
I Am Not My Body - Credit: Associate Producer
Little Alex - Credit: Associate Producer
Blood Red Christmas - Credit: Writer
Narcissist - Credit: Special Thanks
The Sky Has Fallen - Credit: Actress
Potential Inertia - Credit: Associate Producer
Aud/Mockumentary - Credit: Executive Producer
Hooked - Credit: Associate Producer
The Telephone - Credit: Co-Producer
The KiddiePreneurs - Credit: Executive Producer
The Grievance Group - Credit: Associate Producer
A Life For A Life - Credit: Associate Producer
Shake Road - Credit: Associate Producer
Behind You - Credit: Executive Producer
Betrayed - Credit: Associate Producer
In The Shadows - Credit: Executive Producer
Hunted - Credit: Executive Producer
BRC Credit: Writer/E.P.
The Pick-Me-Up - Credit: Producer
Giving Violets - Credit: Executive Producer
Hurricane WS - Credit: Executive Producer
Anne - Credit: Associate Producer
NEDP - Credit: Associate Producer
Sea Sickness - Credit: Associate Producer
Breathless Betrayal - Credit: Executive Producer - Written By
Butterflies & Diamonds - Credit: Executive Producer - Written By
Stuck in the 80's - Credit: Executive Producer - Written By
Cherry Malicious - Credit: Executive Producer - Written By


B.H.C.C.C. Credit: Actress
B.H.C.C.C. Credit: 2nd Unit Director
B.H.C.C.C. Credit: Production Consultant

Web Series

Rosie's Place S1 - Credit: Producer
Up in Arms - Credit: First A.D.
Up in Arms (Swag) - Credit: Makeup Dept.

Fan Series

Friday The 13th

The Curse of Jason - Credit: Associate Producer


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